borderscrossingsBorders and Crossings 2019 is part of a long-running series of international conferences devoted to the interdisciplinary study of travel writing.

This year’s event is generously supported by Midlands4Cities, an AHRC doctoral training partnership which takes in eight leading Midlands universities, including the University of Leicester where the conference will be held. Additional financial support is provided by the School of Arts at the University of Leicester.

Borders and Crossings 2019 is organised by Tim Hannigan (University of Leicester), Sofia Aatkar (Nottingham Trent University) and Zeandrick Oliver (De Montfort University). The organisers are all third-year M4C PGRs, and this year’s Borders and Crossings particularly encourages the participation of other postgraduate students, and will provide some training opportunities as well as the chance to present research and creative work in a friendly and inclusive setting.

The first Borders and Crossings was organised by Glenn Hooper and Tim Youngs, and held at Magee College, Derry in 1998. At that time, travel writing was by no means a mainstream area of academic research, but the intervening two decades have witnessed a major shift in attitudes towards the genre. Dedicated journals, scholarly associations and other academic apparatus associated with the building of a new field have emerged. Borders and Crossings has played a catalytic role in these processes, providing a forum for scholars across a range of disciplines and from a wide variety of national contexts to meet regularly, to explore an increasingly rich corpus of travel writing, and to debate its centrality to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Previous editions of Borders and Crossings have taken place in:

  • Derry, 1998
  • Brest, 2000
  • Versailles, 2002
  • Ankara, 2003
  • Birmingham, 2004
  • Palermo, 2006
  • Nuoro, Sardinia, 2007
  • Melbourne, 2008
  • Birmingham, 2012
  • Liverpool, 2013
  • Veliko Tarnovo, 2014
  • Belfast, 2015
  • Kielce, 2016
  • Aberystwyth, 2017
  • Pula, 2018