Day 1, Thursday 4 July

REGISTRATION: 9.30am-10.15am (Fielding Johnson South Wing Ogden Lewis SR1)

WELCOME: 10.15am-10.30am (George Porter Upper Ground Floor Lecture Theatre B)

KEYNOTE 1: 10.30am-11.30am (George Porter Upper Ground Floor Lecture Theatre B)

Graham Huggan – Underground, overground: Wombling free with Robert Macfarlane

PANEL 1: 11.30am-12.45pm

Panel 1a: Travelling Across the Nineteenth Century (George Porter Upper Ground Floor Lecture Theatre B)

  • Sandra Vlasta – Identity discourses and intertextuality in travel writing from the late 18th and the 19th century
  • Anne-Florence Quaireau – Nineteenth-Century Women Travellers: Did the Exception Prove the Rule?
  • Sarah Budasz – Erotics of the ruins: longing for the lost Antiquity in fin de siècle travel narratives

Panel 1b: Peripheral Forms I: guidebooks and visual representations (Fielding Johnson SW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Charles Mansfield – The role of travel writing practitioners in tourism management and place-branding research
  • Surojit Kayal – “There is an AIR about INDIA”: Reading Postcolonial Historiography and the Idea of India in the Posters of Air India
  • Tim Hannigan – Beaten tracks: belatedness and anti-tourism in guidebooks

Panel 1c: Borderlands: traversing the limen (Fielding Johnson SW Ogden Lewis SR3)

  • Amul Gyawali – Imagining Territory and Writing Landscape in the Terai Borderland
  • Sherezade Garcia Rangel – Ni allá ni acá – a short story about the Venezuela diaspora and the perennial border crossings
  • Alisa Preusser – Stuck in the Borderlands: Crossing the 49th Parallel in Thomas King’s “Borders”

LUNCH: 12.45pm-1.45pm (Fielding Johnson SW Basement Lobby)

PANEL 2: 1.45pm-3pm

Panel 2a: PANEL PRESENTATION: Travel and the Politics of Solidarity (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR1)

  • Shannon Derby – Dervla Murphy and the Troubles
  • Kyle Richert Kamaiopili – From Dinétah to Kīlauea: Transindigenous Poetry as Travel Ceremony
  • Michelle Medeiros – Networks of Knowledge: Alternate Visibilities and Women’s Collaboration in the Scientific Field

Panel 2b: The City and Beyond (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Tuesday Goacher – The Urban Imaginary: A Critical and Creative Approach
  • Jonathan Chatwin – A Walk in Modern China
  • Ummugulsum Kurukol – Seeking knowledge and travel during medieval times according to the journey of Andalusian Traveller, Abū Ḥāmid al-Gharnāṭī.

Panel 2c: African Journeys (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR3)                                                             

  • Ida Jahnke – Travel, race, and gender in novellas by Polish writer Helena Pajzderska
  • Jan Rousek – Hanzelka-Zikmund’s Travels in Ideology
  • Neil Cliff – “Exploring” Mungo Park’s Literary Legacies: Mumbo Jumbo in Language and Lithograph

PANEL 3: 3pm-4.15pm

Panel 3a: PANEL PRESENTATION: When Cartography Becomes Narrative (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR1)    

  • Sara Bédard-Goulet – Carte blanche to narrative: Philippe Vasset’s Un livre blanc
  • Rūta Šlapkauskaitė – Dark Materials: Narrative as Navigation in Ed O’Loughlin’s Minds of Winter
  • Martin Schauss – Walking the Fields of Cultural Production: W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn

Panel 3b: Youthful Travels: travel writing for/by children and young people (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Sarbajaya Bhattacharya – Constructing the “Self” and “Discovering” India: A Reading of Abala Basu’s Travelogues for Children
  • Betty Hagglund – Thomas Wallace Knox and the Boy Travellers
  • Gábor Gelléri – An early case of colonial “influencer tourism” through a polyphonic approach: French students in Indochina, 1924-25

Panel 3c: Modes of Travel: fast, slow and figurative (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR3)          

  • Eva Chen – The Thrills of Speed and Adventure: Rudyard Kipling’s Motor Tours
  • Ian Tattum – No snow leopards required. Walking there and back again: Seeking wonder without costing the Earth.
  • Rory Waterman – Brexit Day on the Balmoral Estate; Intolerance on the Web

BREAK: 4.15pm-4.45pm

PANEL 4: 4.45pm-6pm (FJSW Basement Lobby)

Panel 4a: The Travelling Self (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR1)                                                      

  • Elizabeth Robertson – “Little Lamb Who Made Thee?” The Traveller Incompetent
  • Nadia Butt – Reinventing the Self: Travel and Transformation in V.S. Naipaul’s Fictional Autobiography Half a Life
  • Naomi Paul – Distance Since Departure – Lessons from Madagascar

Panel 4b: Travelling Beyond Slavery (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Caroline Kisiel – “That some one would come from England…”: Edward Strutt Abdy and the Social Space of Early Nineteenth-Century American Slavery
  • Kiranpreet Kaur – Imagined Fears, (De) constructed Identities: Representation of slavery in African-authored Travel Narratives
  • Jordan Harris – The Significance of William Wells Brown’s “Three Years in Europe: Or, Places I Have Seen and People I Have Met”

Panel 4c: Tibetan Journeys (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR3)

  • Apala Dasgupta – “Border-crossings” in the Realm of Identity: The Travelogue of a Bengali “Babu” who was a British Spy
  • Will Gatherer – Escaping China within China: Writing Tibet and China’s non-Han Chinese ethnic minorities in the non-fiction travel writings and metafictions of Ma Yuan
  • Julie Fletcher – The traveller as witness: human rights and travel writing in Tibetan contexts

SPECIAL EVENT: 7pm-9pm – Leicester Public Library, refreshments served

An Evening with Rory MacLean (free event, open to all; click here to register)

Day 2, Friday 5 July

REGISTRATION: 9.30am-10.30am (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR1)

KEYNOTE 2: 10.30am-11.30am (Charles Wilson Second Floor LT Belvoir Park Lounge)

Churnjeet Mahn – Queer at the Border: Travel Writing, Race and Resistance

PANEL 5: 11.30am-12.45pm

Panel 5a: Peripheral Forms II: Digital travels (Charles Wilson Second Floor LT Belvoir Park Lounge)

  • Mathilde Poizat-Amar – Contemporary Travel Writing and the Digital Age: The Question of Literariness
  • Ruth Lampard – Virtual Pilgrimage: Travel and Travel Writing – with ME It’s Problematic!
  • Sofia Aatkar – “Lingering colonial tensions”: Blogging, Race, and Caribbean Travel

Panel 5b: PANEL PRESENTATION: Indigenous Voices On the Move: from oral to written discourses in Guyana (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Gabriel Neiva – Of shamans, naturalists and fiction-writers: journeys and crossings in “The Mind of Awakaipu” by Wilson Harris
  • Lisa Grund – Makushi travelogues: narrating indigenous journeys through southern Guyana
  • Romona Bennett – Pulling the Takuba Ashore: the Subtext of Indigenous Women’s Representation as Drudges in Nineteenth Century Travel Writing Set in British Guiana

Panel 5c: Departures and Returns: diasporic journeys (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR3)

  • Caryn Leschen – Travel Stories told as Graphic Novels
  • Arin Alycia Fong – The Poetics of Crossings in the Poetry of Merlinda Bobis, Moniza Alvi, and Mai Der Vang
  • Anna-Leena Toivanen – Dark return/dark humour: Michèle Rakotoson’s homecomings to Madagascar

LUNCH: 12.45pm-1.45pm (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR1)

PANEL 6: 1.45pm-3pm

Panel 6a: PANEL PRESENTATION: Keywords for Travel Writing Studies (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Charles Forsdick – Travel writing and the sensory humanities: new keywords?
  • Zoë Kinsley – William Cowper’s “Cast-away” and A Voyage Round the World […] by George Anson: Textual and Territorial margins
  • Kathryn Walchester – Working, Travelling, and Identity; J.B. Priestley’s English Journey (1934)

Panel 6b: Traversing Linguistic Borders: travel, language and translation (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR3)

  • Elen Caldecott – Liminal Language: crossing borders as a poetic and political act.
  • Richard Steadman-Jones – The Lover’s Other Discourse: Genet, Orton, and White across Languages
  • Zeandrick Oliver – From A to Zee; Language, Borders and Home

PANEL 7: 3pm-4.15pm

Panel 7a: Peripheral Forms III: Periodicals and Visitors’ Books (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR1)

  • Samia Ounoughi – Mapping in Process: Discourse Analysis of the Alpine Club’s periodicals
  • Rebecca Butler – ‘[A] crowd of free elastic spirits’: Repackaging Tourism in Thomas Cook’s Periodicals (1851-1878)
  • Alan McNee – ‘Arry and ‘Arriet “out on a spree”: trippers, tourists and travellers writing in late-Victorian visitors’ books

Panel 7b: The British Abroad (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Nataša Urošević – Crossing the Iron Curtain: Tourist and Cultural Encounters in A Traveller’s Yugoslavia
  • Ben Cocking – Geopolitical transformations: nostalgia and modernity in Norman Lewis’s Golden Earth: Travels in Burma, Eric Newby’s A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush and Wilfred Thesiger’s The Marsh Arabs
  • David Robinson – “Under-bred and overdressed”… Patrolling the Borders of Polite Society: British women in India and Italy, 1780-1850

Panel 7c: The Ecocritical Lens: nature and travel writing (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR3)

  • Pere Gifra-Adroher – Nineteenth-Century American Travel Writing on Spain: an Ecocritical Approach
  • Jeanne Dubino – Imperial Designs, Military Pageantry, and Traveling Menageries: Emily Eden in India, 1838-1842
  • Laura Albertini – What contribution can travel writing make to the development of “landscape communities”: the case of landscape ethics in Paolo Rumiz’s Appia

BREAK: 4.15pm-4.45pm (FJSW Basement Lobby)                                                           

PANEL 8: 4.45pm-6pm

Panel 8a: Otherness, Orientalism and the Natural World (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR1)

  • Robert Frost – The Natural World of J G Wilkinson
  • Arnoud Arps – Leading a leisurely life in the tranquil land of plenty: Nature, natives and colonial discourse in Facts and Fancies about Java
  • Steven J. Burke – Familiarity and difference at the borders of British experience: Identifying with places and people in travel accounts from Atlantic peripheries, 1815-1830

Panel 8b: Crossing the Fact/Fiction Frontier (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR2)

  • Bhakti Vaishnav – Narrative of the History of Reshaping of Borders in South Asia in Amitav Ghosh’s “Ibis Trilogy”
  • Jean-Xavier Ridon – Nicolas Bouvier: from one island to another
  • Ruby Hawley-Sibbett – “It is difficult for reality to keep pace with imagination”; Catherine Hutton’s “factual” and fictional travel writing

Panel 8c: Europe and the World (FJSW Ogden Lewis SR3)

  • Sandhya Patel – Crossing Beaches and Disrespecting Borders: 18th-Century Rules of Engagement and British and French Writing of Violence in the Pacific.
  • Alex Drace-Francis – Travel writing, Feminism and (self-)Orientalism in the Liberal Age: The case of Dora d’Istria (1828-1888)
  • Grzegorz Moroz – Genres as Means of Organizing Narration of the History of Travel Writing in Anglophone and Polish Literary Traditions

CREATIVE SHOWCASE: 6pm-7pm (FJSW Peter Williams Lecture Theatre)        

Poems and prose of place, journeys and borders – with Aly Stoneman, Lauren Terry, Roy Marshall, Tuesday Goacher, William Breden and Zeandrick Oliver


Chettinad Restaurant, London Road, Leicester


Day 3, Saturday 6 July

All Day 3 sessions take place in the Ken Edwards Building, University of Leicester

REGISTRATION: 9am-9.30am (Ken Edwards 5th floor lobby)

WORSHOPS: 9.30am-11am

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to Academic Publishing (Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1), with Tim Youngs and Charles Forsdick The session is aimed at PGRs and ECRs interested in developing publications relating to their research. Professor Tim Youngs will draw on his experience as founding editor of Studies in Travel Writing (Taylor and Francis) to explore the submission, refereeing and publication processes of journal articles. Professor Charles Forsdick, chair of the Editorial Advisory Board at Liverpool University Press, will discuss the transformation of the PhD thesis into a monograph. Both will also offer their observations and advice as experienced volume and series editors. The session will also cover issues relating to Open Access and the Research Excellence Framework. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.             
  • Workshop 2: Spark Creativity on the iPad (KE322), with Caryn Leschen  Want to jumpstart your creativity? Draw on your iPad! In today’s session, you’ll learn how to use your iPad (or even your iPhone) to sneak up on your creative potential with less effort, and find yourself in “the zone” before you know it. These exercises are not only fun, but will increase mindfulness, decrease stress, and create space for solutions to appear. Artists and writers; educators, project managers, and business team leaders — anyone can benefit. Backed by solid science, these techniques are designed to freshen your perspective and allow you to attain goals more artfully and with much more joy.
  • Workshop 3: Not Arriving: poetry and travel (KE526), with Jo Dixon Led by poet and academic, Jo Dixon, “Not Arriving” asks participants to explore a range of pathways and trails in contemporary poetry and their own writing. This workshop offers a friendly and supportive environment to enable participants to write creatively in response to literary and critical texts that consider how we move from place to place.
  • Workshop 4: Writing travel articles(KE526), with Tim Hannigan This session looks at the narrative travel article – mainstay of travel magazines, weekend supplements and websites. Exploring the practicalities of research and the tips and tricks of the form, as well as editorial and audience expectations, the session will be of interest to those studying travel journalism, as well as those interested in writing their own travel articles.

BREAK: 11am-11.15am (Ken Edwards 5th floor lobby)

DISCUSSION PANEL: 11.15am-12.15                                                        

Diverse Voices in Contemporary Travel Writing, with Farhana Shaikh, Mani Hayre and Neha D’Souza (Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1)

Travel writing discourse has been dominated by white writers. This panel will introduce you to new diverse voices making waves in the travel writing scene. From bloggers to award-winning writers this panel will ask if there is room for diverse writers in travel writing and how to get beyond the gatekeepers.

CLOSING REMARKS: 12.15pm-12.30pm (Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1)

LUNCH: 12.30pm-1.30pm (Ken Edwards 5th floor lobby)

SPECIAL EVENT: 1.30-3pm (Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1)

A Conversation with Sara Wheeler (free event, open to all; click here to register)

Join award-winning travel writer Sara Wheeler, in conversation with Dr Rebecca Butler, to mark the publication of her new book, Mud and Stars: Travels in Russia with Pushkin and Other Geniuses of the Golden Age, and to discuss her career and travels, from the Andes to the Antarctic…