BORDERS AND CROSSINGS 2020: The next edition for Borders and Crossings has been confirmed, and will take place at the University of Sydney, Australia, 20-23 July 2020. The Call for Papers is available here.

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Welcome to the website of the 2019 Borders and Crossings conference.

In 2019 the regular meeting of scholars from all disciplines interested in questions of travel and travel writing was held at the University of Leicester, UK, supported by Midlands4Cities, with further support from the University of Leicester School of Arts, and organised by M4C-funded postgraduate researchers.

The conference ran from 4–6 July 2019, and featured keynotes from Professor Graham Huggan and Dr Churnjeet Mahn. There was also a special event with travel writer Rory MacLean, open to all, at Leicester main public library on Thursday 4 July at 7pm, and a talk with travel writer Sara Wheeler, also open to all, on campus on Saturday 6 July.

Narratives of journeys, border crossings, and encounters with difference have existed since the earliest beginnings of literary culture – from the Gilgamesh epic, through the accounts of Chinese Buddhist pilgrims in the first millennium CE and the narratives of medieval Muslim travellers in Asia, to tales of exploration and travel in the era of European colonialism, and the emergence of postcolonial, cosmopolitan and postmodern travel writing in the 20th and 21st centuries. The study of travel writing allows for a vast diversity of approaches and angles, taking in both the deep past, and the pressing contemporary issues of movement, (im)mobility, borders and their crossings. Borders and Crossings 2019 aimed to attract researchers, creative practitioners, travellers and readers, from the broadest possible range of disciplines.

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